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Located in Midtown Manhattan, we specialize in facials, semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, waxing, skin lifting, eyelash and eyebrow tinting.


Aftercare for HiFULDM


Aftercare is very important for the effectiveness of a HIFULDM treatment! Without proper aftercare, complications may occur! Here's what you should know: 

1) Avoid the sun!

  • Avoiding the sun will help prevent hyperpigmentation and reduce the chance of sunburn and skin damage.

  • use of sunscreen is highly encouraged

  • to try to avoid the sun until the skin tightening process is completed


2) Take a break from alcohol!​

Stop giving your liver excess work! After the treatment, your liver will be tasked to break down the deactivated fat!  Besides the liver, alcohol reduces the density of blood. Less dense blood may cause excessive bleeding and in severe cases, blood clotting.

3) Don't scratch your skin!

  • during/ after the treatment, your skin will be sensitive which means it will be at risk of skin damage. 

allow scars to fall naturally. Picking may cause infection.​

4) Drink more water!

water will help your recovery by increasing the rate collagen is produced in the body​

5) Don't take hot showers/baths

try to use room temperature/ lukewarm water when washing your face

or treated area. Hot water strips the oils off your skin, causing it to be drier. 

Before your appointment

  • we will not perform HIFULDM treatment on recently tanned or sunburned skin!

  • avoid antibiotics since some antibiotics might make you become light sensitive.

  • you may start to take antibiotics two weeks after the treatment. 

  • do not have any product on before your appointment. 

Benefits of HiFULDM

  • gain surgical results with surgery

  • Noninvasive 

  • no skin damage

  • long-lasting

  • lifting and tightening effect




WHY Micro- Needling

BDR’s Medical Beauty Concept with maximum compatibility and effectiveness! All previous products and methods fail to transport active ingredients deeply into the appropriate skin layers to successfully provide continuous and intensive care where it’s needed most. BDR has managed to overcome this barrier. The BDR research laboratories have created a completely new series of biotechnological Dermacare products. Innovative emulsion technology combines the company’s most valuable natural substances with micro-molecular optimized essences. Our team of specialists has developed a combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that turn dreams into reality: Reversive skin aging!

Benefits of Micro-Needling


-Intensive abrasion of dead skin cells

-Refining pores

-Soothing of skin

-Improving the absorbing capacity of products

-Defined stimulation of the epidermis

-Immediate and intensive transport of active agents

-Reactivation of all skin functions

- Stimulation of the skin's own repair system

-Skin regeneration through accelerated cell division

-Stimulation of collagen and elastin production

-Reduction of expression lines and definition of the facial outline

-Improvement of the skin's elasticity

Advanatges of Mirco-Needling

-No heat-induced damages to the skin

-Purely mechanical method, no electric current running through the skin

-Ideal integration into preexisting treatment concepts.